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Pro Bono

Consider directly representing a Bet Tzedek client on a pro bono basis, co-counseling with Bet Tzedek on a piece of litigation, or volunteering at one of our clinics.

  • Co-Counsel a Case with Bet Tzedek – We frequently co-counsel cases with pro bono attorneys in areas including real estate fraud, employment retaliation, real estate fraud, and impact litigation matters. For more information on co-counseling a case with Bet Tzedek, please contact Alisa Shudofsky, Director of Pro Bono at
  • Directly Represent a Client – You can directly represent a client under Bet Tzedek’s supervision and mentorship. For example, you can represent a low-wage worker with a wage claim before the Labor Commissioner, a grandparent seeking to be appointed legal guardian of her grandchild, a client with a dispute in tax court, or a client who has been denied public benefits, to name just a few settings, Please click here to view a full list of our direct representation opportunities. If you would like to receive our weekly Pro Bono Matters Newsletter, please e-mail Alisa Shudofsky, Director of Pro Bono at  
  • Staff a Legal Clinic – Attorneys can volunteer to assist individuals at one of our many pro per clinics. This opportunity is perfect for attorneys wishing to give back to their community, without having to commit to representing an individual on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in volunteering at a clinic, please contact Rachael Ettinger, Pro Bono & Clinic Community Outreach Coordinator at Please click here to see a full list of our clinic opportunities. 

For more information on how you can volunteer as a pro bono attorney with Bet Tzedek, please call 323-648-4758.


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Join Bet Tzedek in its work - there are endless ways for you to contribute. Find one that’s right for you and get involved today.

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