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Elder Justice: COVID-19 Scams Targeting Older Adults – How to avoid COVID-19 scams targeting older adults

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Medical Supplies: Do NOT buy medication, vaccinations, or testing kits from unknown sources (online or in-person). Contact your doctor or medical professional for treatment and testing information.

Phishing: Do NOT click on links from unknown sources or give out personal information via phone or email (e.g. social security number, passwords, credit card information, etc.). Scammers use fake emails and text messages to obtain personal information, which can be used to steal your money and/or identity. NOTE: The government will NOT contact you to ask for personal information related to the stimulus payment.

Masks and Supplies: Do NOT buy masks and/or supplies at an inflated price. Some scammers will offer high-demand supplies, like face masks, at an enormous price hike. Yet they never deliver the fake products and take your money instead.

Stock Sales: Do NOT buy stocks for products that claim to prevent, detect or cure COVID-19. Fraudsters may offer low prices for such stock, artificially inflating the price through false and misleading positive statements. This is called “Pump and Dump.”

Predatory Lending: Do NOT obtain high-interest loans from payday loan shops or online lenders. Short term, high-interest online lenders and payday loan shops trap borrowers in a cycle of debt. If you are short on cash, seek alternatives through nonprofit groups, reach out to trusted family members or friends, or research government programs that provide financial disaster relief.

Donations and Charity Scams: Do NOT donate to illegitimate charities. Only give to charities that you know or have researched. Do NOT give money via cash, gift cards, or wire transfers to unknown sources.

DO check in on older adults! Many scammers target the ill or the elderly. Pay attention to suspicious behavior, such as unexplained major purchases, opening or closing bank accounts and/or credit cards, and sudden depleted funds.

If you believe you have been a victim of these or similar scams, or if you have any questions or concerns related to these scams, call our intake line at 323-939-0506 or email us at intake@bettzedek.org.

 If you are a current client, please contact your attorney or advocate via telephone or email.

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